About Expo
Supporter£ºMinistry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China 

Taiwan Affairs Office of State Council Pepublic of China

The People's Government of Jiangsu Province 


Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province 

Economic and Information Committee of Jiangsu Province 

Taiwan Affairs Office of Suzhou Municipality


Taipei Computer Business Association (TCA)

Taiwan Internet of Things Industry Technology Association (TwloTA) 

Taiwan Intelligent Automation and Robotics Association (TAIROA) 


Suzhou MICE Group Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Cambridge Exhibition Business Co., Ltd.

Special Partners£º

China Chamber of Commerce for Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products

Suzhou Thousand Talents Plan Expert Federation

Suzhou Big data Industry Alliance

Suzhou Integrated Circuit Industry Association

Shanghai Newswire Conference Exhibition co., LTD

Taipei Electronic Parts Commercial Association

Taiwan Mold Industry Association

Taiwan Electronic Linker Industry Association

Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association

Taiwan Photoelectric Industry Association

Taiwan Robotics Association