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Location:Suzhou, China(Suzhou International Expo Center)
Theme:Wisdom leadership,Enjoy the Future
Size:18000 square meters 

Taiwan affairs office of the state council

Jiangsu provincial people's government 

Associate Organizers:

Jiangsu Department of Commerce

Jiangsu Economic and Information Commission 

Taiwan Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government 

Suzhou Municipal People's Government 


Taipei Computer Commercial Association (TCA)

Taiwan Internet of Things Industry Technology Association (TwIoTA) 

Taiwan Intelligent Automation and Robotics Association (TAIROA) 

Safety guard industry association of suzhou

Suzhou integrated circuit industry association

      Suzhou Internet of Things association (SZIOTA)

Suzhou MICE Group Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Cambridge Exhibition Business Co., Ltd.



With the innovation of technology, China's information technology industry develops rapidly. Under the long-term cooperation, the quality of chips, display screens and other core components across the Taiwan straits has become stronger, and the level of intelligent manufacturing has been continuously improved. Scientific and technological applications such as "5G", "Big data" and "Internet of things" are also leading people's intelligent life.

    Under the environment of electronic information industry innovation and development, 2019 Suzhou eMEX Expo planning on five big fields as  the core content, which including industrial Internet, 5 G and “the Internet of things”, intelligent manufacture, robot, electronic components and semiconductor. It fully demonstrated the field of electronic information industry's latest achievements and technology in the era of Internet industry, and expanded the suzhou electronic information industry influence in the domestic and overseas, as well as facilitates the leading enterprises of the introduction and cultivation in the international electronic information field. 

三、Display Contents

  1.5G themed exhibition area: 5G chips and various components; 5G equipment and network architectures; 5G terminal application and operator

       2.Industrial Internet exhibition area: Industrial Internet platform, industrial Internet network infrastructure, industrial Internet security, 5G and Internet of things technology, cloud computing, big data, overall solutions, etc.

  3.Intelligent manufacturing exhibition area:Basic manufacturing equipment, production and process automation, electrical control, control system, linear positioning system, intelligent manufacturing solutions, intelligent production, industrial robots, etc.

    4.Basic electronics exhibition areaElectronic components, connectors, new display, electronic materials, instruments and meters, basic equipment, IC design, laser equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, etc.

     5.Other featured display areaseMEX theme display area, eMEX feature display area, brand enterprise display area, stealth manufacturing champion display area.


  2019 eMEX expo planning : 1 main BBS + 2 procurement matchmaking +N sub BBS ", covering the comprehensive electronic information industry in many directions.Through different forms of communication and dialogue to achieve mutual exchanges and collisions with the whole industry, China in the global value chain to further enhance the status of ideas and direction. Power fair to promote forward-looking, the pursuit of excellence, strengthen professional. 


These include the following:

1. Yangtze river delta industrial Internet conference (forum)

2. Global smart transport conference

3. Intelligent manufacturing industry development summit

4. Industry precise matching procurement and project matching negotiation

五、Exhibition Publicity

1. Overseas publicity: actively expand overseas publicity channels. Taipei computer association will release publicity reports on TCA Chinese website, Facebook and other social platforms.The fair will also be held in Germany, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions to improve international visibility.


2. Media cooperation: the publicity of the 17th power expo will innovate the publicity channels, invite more than 130 domestic well-known professional media, increase in-depth reports on comprehensive portal websites and central, provincial and municipal mainstream media, integrate special topics of activities, and focus on suzhou eMEX expo. 

3. Live broadcast: To makes the experience even more immersive for those who cannot attend, new media resources and organize live broadcast in the exhibition together with national high-tech high-flow professional new media platform and provincial and municipal high-flow new media platform will be launched, along with increase WeChat push, network promotion and other dissemination efforts.

4. Outdoor advertising: Precise positioning of high-flow areas, by placing billboards, road flags, bridge banners, electronic screens and other carriers, intensive advertising within the city of suzhou, strong exposure of the 18th eMEX Suzhou expo, to create the atmosphere of  "eMEX expo as a hot topic among the whole city".