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Tips£ºPlease pay attention to the time of each forum, don't repeat the selection within the same time!


1. ¡°Attained Wisdom Profound View¡±2019 Suzhou Enterprise Innovation Forum and Suzhou Industrial Internet Industry Alliance AI Innovation Committee Foundation Ceremony November 6th,¡¡9£º30-17£º00¡¡ Conference Room A104

2. Security Industry Innovation and Development Summit Forum November 6th, ¡¡14£º30-17£º00¡¡Conference Room A209-211

3. "Smart Connectivity and Innovation Empowerment "Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Development Summit November 6th¡¡13£º00-17£º00¡¡Conference Room A212-215

4. Suzhou 5G Application and Industry Supply and Demand Balancing Conference November 7th,¡¡13£º00-17£º00¡¡ Conference Room A102-103

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