Exhibitor Centre


Registration Participation

From the eMEX official website or contact business personnel to request registration form, fill in and return to the organizer.


Payment and Booth Allocation

Shall be made according to the location selection method and payment regulations.


Preparing Before Exhibition

According to the exhibitor manual, the exhibitor should complete the transportation of exhibits, booth construction, water and electricity application, etc.



Booth Price



Selection Method

After compelting the payment of booth fee (deposit or full amount), enterprises are allowed to choose position.

Selecting rules are as followings:

1.According to the booth size, from large to small,  to choose the position. 

2.If the booth size are similar, enterprises will choose the position according to the registration order. 


Basic decoration configuration

Each standard booth size is: 3m length * 3m width * high 2.5m 

Each standard booth basic configuration is as follows:

1, carpet. 

2, Lintel with Chinese and English enterprise' name (3m x 0.3m): blue-bottomed white characters, 15cm high, up-Chinese, down-line English. 

3, Long-arm projection lamp: 3 per booth. 

4, Partition: double-sided paste milky white PVC three splints, high 250cm, width 100cm, thickness 0.3cm. 

5, Reception table: 1 per booth. 

6, Folding chair: 2 per booth. 

7, Power supply: Each booth will be provided electricity of 220V / 500W,  sockets are included. 

Note: For other exhibitors' supply, exhibitors can bring their own or rent separately (see Exhibitor Field Service Manual)



Payment requirements 

  1. From the "registration day" within 30 days to pay 50% of the booth fee deposit, the registration party effective, the party is eligible to choose a seat.

  2. The balance of the booth fee is 50%, please pay within one week after the booth location is established.

  3. Booth fee remittance must be sent from the registered exhibiting enterprise account, do not accept personal account remittance.


The withdrawal requirements. 

  1. The deposit fee is non-refundable once it has been paid.

  2. If the Exhibitor has paid the full amount, withdraw from the exhibition by October 1st, 2019 and refund 50% of the total booth fee;


Important Time Schedule

2019.10.31-----Registration Deadline

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