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Trip to China Suzhou Information Technology Expo 

Welcome to Suzhou!

Suzhou, located in the Yangtze River Delta, is located in the southeastern part of Jiangsu Province. It was called Wu County in ancient times and has a history of more than 4,000 years since its writing. The ancient city of Suzhou was built in the Wuwang period of 514 BC, and it was renamed Suzhou in the ninth year of the Kaihuang Emperor (589). Suzhou has a long history and a rich collection of people. It is known for its ¡°paradise on the heavens and the downstream Suzhou and Hangzhou¡±. As a modern city with a high degree of modernity, Suzhou is an important economic, foreign trade, industrial and commercial and logistics center in Jiangsu. It is an important cultural, artistic, educational and transportation center and a key scenic tourist city in China.


Suzhou has always been famous for its beautiful scenery and elegant gardens. It has the reputation of ¡°the gardens of the south of the Yangtze River and the south of the gardens of Suzhou¡±, and because of its characteristics of the ancient city of the water bridge, it is known as the ¡°Oriental Water Capital¡±. People are fascinated.


We sincerely invite you to have a wonderful time in Suzhou.


Suzhou Tourism


Tour around the pavilion

One-day recommended route:

  1. The hotel features special morning tea, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jinji Lake, and start a day of leisure time.

    2. Visit Jinji Lake Golf Club¡ú Ligongdi Cultural Tourism Experience and visit Jinji Lake Contemporary Art Museum (China Fund Museum¡úYao Jianping Embroidery Art Museum¡úZhang Xinjia Art Museum¡úCai Yunyu Jiangnan Sandiao Art Museum¡úManka House¡úGuan Jinpeng Film Studio ¡úTaiwan Yicun¡úTaiwan Lede Art Life Museum¡úBasse Contemporary Art Museum¡úHarley Davidson¡úHanlu Art Center

   3, (Recommended store: Deyuelou, Wudi people's home) ¡ú Ligongdi Ferry is a yacht (see the boat schedule at the boat dock), and enjoy Taohua Island, Linglong Island, Ferris Wheel and Hubin Avenue, Moonlight Pier, Art Center on the way. Exterior ¡ú Moonlight Pier ashore, visit Hongfenglin, Xiangyuan Garden ¡ú Visit Yuanrong Times Square, watch the world's first sky, meet one-stop shopping needs ¡ú Binhe Food Street Dining


Tourist map around Jinji Lake